About Upcycle

Our goal is to teach communities how to work together on local beautification projects. The projects we facilitate are aimed at taking waste products and turning them into artistic installation pieces in order to remind ourselves to exercise caution in our consumption.

Claudia’s work has already done this for 12 different communities. We want your help to make more of these events happen. Join our Community to help us join yours.

What is Upcycling?

The term Upcycling refers to the age old adage of Reduce, Reuse, Recycle.

To us – upcycling means reducing consumption and increasing reuse by recycling formerly discarded materials into art.

How We Work

Youth Engagement

  • We teach workplace skills to at-risk or disenfranchised youth and provide them with a way to improve their community
  • We work with technologies that youth are already familiar with to help them to promote their successes

Community Engagement

  • We work with communities at risk from lack of cohesion.
  • We take grassroots community building very literally through projects focused on plant life.
  • We aim to improve both internal cohesion and the group’s integration with the broader community.

Popup Projects

  • We’re always looking to facilitate events such as run community beautification projects
  • Business loves us because we put temporarily empty commercial spaces into use as impromptu workshops
  • Politicians can claim say they created jobs by funding us and people can be paid to do community building activities

What We Offer

  • The website is here to help with many of the challenges of running community beautification projects:
    • Facilitate scheduling local events
    • Document and critique project proposals
    • A way to donate to planned and successful projects

What We Need

  1. Your Buy In – We think there’s a huge potential here. In order to make it really happen though we need your help. We are tying some important metrics for deciding on whether this site is worth the cost to get fully developed to user activity levels. Create a user account to show your continued interest and help us keep growing!
  2. Your support – When you hear about successful upcycle projects in your community make sure to like the story and share the news.
  3. Your ideas – This plan is still very early stage. We want your assistance making this into an amazing platform for sharing information about successful upcycle based projects. Make a user and leave your comments.